Last Saturday's Caught in the Act show was great fun. We had 5 players for this one: Andy, Jim, Mike, Patrick, and myself (Alan). We got 18 games into the hour and half show. We always video tape the shows for the players to review and so here are a few images I was able to capture:

08-22-06-b.jpg This was from a Slideshow scene. I've got to complement Jim for taking the pose on his head, and holding it for Patrick's explanation. All I kept thinking was "Hurry up! Jim's gonna pass out"

08-22-06-c.jpgEric volunteered to be the Frozen Audience member. As I recall, Jim and Andy were endowing him with trying to pick out a Victoria's Secret gift for their mother.

08-22-06-f.jpg Oh yeah, Patrick was describing the viscous lion that Andy needed to tame as I was petting it. From the Blind Dubbing scene.

08-22-06-h.jpg Our two volunteers, Krista and Mikki, were providing Patrick and Andy with words for their Pillars scene about earthquake safety.

08-22-06-m.jpg Hmm, it will be hard to appreciate this Movie Review scene without having been there. Jim had just consumed Andy's arm while Patrick was singing Hungarian revolutionary songs. Mike and I were reviewing their little art film.

08-22-06-n.jpg In this shot from a Montage scene, we were all consuming Andy's fresh-out-of-the-oven baked goods as he was getting ready to douse us with a glass of water.

There's no way the humor translates from my description of these still shots. Still, it was nice for me to relive them while trying.

And don't we all just look great in black.