Another large class, this time about 16 people. And, the camera became a group tool that anyone could pickup and use to snap a shot or two. So, we had a pretty good selection from the class. HitchhikerEarly on, we went through an exercise of hitch-hiker, and this is a shot of Metro, Patricia, and Scott.

I don't remember what characteristic Patricia brought into this round, but I appreciate Scott's sneering driver.

Allegra I included this shot of Allegra, because I wonder if she's like this when just driving around town?

Plus, I really dig the red racing stripe on the shoes.

AudienceI found this shot in the middle of a group of scene pictures, and I think I just like Andy's noggin. You can see Karla in front and Mike behind, with a half shot of Patrick's head. I'm going to assume that Mike is just squinting, and not sneering at what he's seeing.

And just what is Colby doing there, under Andy's chin?

Scott Jim Mike ShirleyOkay, this one was shot during a Pillars scene, with Scott and Mike as pillars.

I'd say that Shirley is desperately trying to not react to Jim.

Metro Eric Patricia PatrickMetro is delivering the next line of an Irish Drinking Song. I think Eric is swinging a beer stein, rather than taking a swing at Metro. Patricia and Patrick are preparing for their lines and yes, that is my hand, directing with a speed surpassing the capabilities of most digital cameras.

There were some other pictures, but I think that's a pretty good representation of the class. Thanks to all the players who picked up the camera and shot a few.

My favorite line of the evening was Ben's, who in response to his partner saying something like "...look at you striding in here all full of yourself" responded with "Yes, I do like to stride".