Allegra Mike EricPretty big class on Wednesday night with 16 people. Five were new to the class, and most of those came with no improv experience, so we had a night of good, basic work. Andy grabbed the camera, so we have pictures from actual scene work from this workshop! This first one shows Jim and Allegra during a Switch-Dubbing scene. Andre was off stage dubbing Allegra, and Patrick was dubbing Jim. I believe this was a Paraguayan film, involving a beauty shop and a barber. I'll let you figure out the roles from the picture.

The second shot shows Mike, Allegra, and Eric (one of the new players) in an Entrances and Exits scene. I don't have many notes on that scene, although I believe there was a ficus plant, a knife, and a light involved.

Jim AllegraUnfortunately, most of the other shots were pretty blurry. I selected thesetwo as the most interesting of the acceptable shots.I think the new improvisers did remarkably well. They were all willing to get on stage and try whatever I threw at them, so there was a lot of trust between the players. We held off of any of the more advanced, open scene work, but that had as much to do with it being such a large class as anything else. We'll try to work in some of the open scene work next week.