So, last night the class started off with a surprise birthday celebration for me. Thanks to everyone who participated in setting that up. It was very thoughtful and a complete surprise. And, the Kettle Cake was particularly tasty. Out of the 12 players, we had one brand new player, and one who was last with us a couple of years ago. We tried to convince them that we don't have cake every week, but I think WE all started to wonder 'why not?'

One of the new players from last week returned this week, which is comforting. I don't think we're all that intimidating.

Once again, no photos this week. I tried some shots with my cell phone but was unimpressed with the results. I'll try again next week.

No particular line of dialog stood out for me, but all in all it was a good class. I was getting a bit tired at the end - crashing from a sugar high?