Wow! Three years, one month, and 20 days later - a new post!

Actually, the whole blog has gone through a revision. A lot has change in both blogging technology and blog culture over the last few years, so it's time to step up and see what can be made of this little stagnant pond.

The Santa Barbara Improv Workshop has been active all this time, and is still meeting on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm. We're now at Jefferson Hall, and you can visit our website for more information. Yes, yes...the website is still stuck with 2003's look and feel (and it wasn't so nice then, either) and I'll be updating that, next.

Caught in the Act is still performing. The last show was Saturday, June 17th 2006, and although we haven't scheduled the next one, it should be within the next two months. More about that group in a later entry.

In fact, this is enough of an entry to test the new look and feel, so I'll sign off for now.