Two major points in this update. First, class last Wednesday was pretty good, despite an exercise that was tough. We warmed up with Character Intros, then Slap-Clap-Snap Association, and a One Word Story. We then did some good, basic exercises: Hitch-hiker, Mutant, and Gift Giving. The tough one was Scene in 2 locations. It's a mind twist, but it's an exercise that really challenges your ability to justify offers. We did a couple of Irish Drinking Songs. In the advanced part of the night, we got the chance to do some Long Form work, starting with a 3 line drill, then doing a Montage that was stopped after 3 lines to establish wants, and the scene continued until the end. That had some great work. There were 9 people in class class this week, but I didn't bring the camera, so no pictures this time. Okay, the big issue right now is our lack of a meeting location. The Louise Lowry Davis center is only available one week in March (the last week), and so far the Carrillo Rec Center and the Westside Community Center don't have space available on Wednesday nights. I'm still checking out other sites, so be sure to check in for the latest updates on locations. I'm starting an email list just to let people know the plans as they are made.