Improv Workshop March 11, 2015

Class continued its slow increase to 27 people tonight, with one who is brand new to the workshop.

Our games tonight: Character Intro, What Are You Doing?, Tag Out Story, Animal Transform, Irish Drinking Song, and 3 Line Drill.


Improv Show Review: March 7, 2014

Another great show with an audience of 17 people. Our players were (back row) Ryan, Andrew, Alan, Jonathan, Brian, (front row) Heather, Li-At, and Jasmin.

We got in 17 scenes, 8 of which were open scenes. We ended with Mortgage in London, so less than half of our show is made up of short form games!

I have two lines written down in my notes:

“Banks – they’re fun to rob!”

“It’s my turn to do the dishes!” said in an enthusiastic voice.


Improv Workshop March 4, 2015

Tonight’s class had 26 people, including some faces we haven’t seen in awhile. No brand new players, but the return of a few for their second class.

Some pretty basic warm ups, starting with Character Intro, then on the Whoosh, Bang, Pow, and One Word Story. Then came Counting Words, Party Quirks, and Beasty Rap.

The header image is from one of the Beasty Rap scenes, and shows Mark, Cora, Brian, Debbie, Steven, and Eric.