Improv Workshop January 21, 2015

Wouldn’t you know, last week three people brought cameras and took pictures. This week we had none. So, no pictures this post.

Class was smaller, counting in at 21 people (yeah, that’s a “smaller” class), and that included two people new to the workshop. We started with Character Intro, and then did two rounds of Enemy Defender. Next came a simple version of Pass the Clap, and then right into One Word Story, this time everyone in one big group.

Next came the Short form stage work, and we started with Story, Story, Die. We switched to Story, Story, Shame when we had new folks trying it out, which is a version without the competitive elimination component. When someone misses a transition, the audience shouts out “shame” rather than “die”, and we then identify the problem for the player. People familiar with the game prefer the competitive elimination version (DIE!)

Counting Words came next which went pretty well, followed by Irish Drinking Song. After that we had about 20 minutes left, so I decided to finish with a 3 Line Drill. We haven’t done any open form work for awhile, so it was time to bring it back, and introduce the newer players to this way of starting scenes. It’s also a way to hone the skills of experienced players, and yes, okay, right off the bat I screwed up and never established a relationship! DO AS I SAY, NOT…


Improv Workshop January 14, 2015

Another big class this week: 27 people all told with 6 new to the workshop. Big classes are always fun with lots of energy, but I need to change some of the exercises around so that we can get in a few more games.

Speaking of which, we started the night with Character Intro, Limericks, Ball Transform, and One Word Story (two groups again). Then on to Standing-Sitting-Bending and a new one for us, Decreasing Scene. That one was done in groups of three, and started with a 30 second scene. Then the scene is replayed as a three word sentence scene, and the final round is replaying it with no words. It was a good learning piece, challenging for everyone, and was quick.

We finished the night with Beasty Rap, Switch Dubbing, and Freeze tag. Now that I see the whole list, we got quite a few pieces in!

This week we had better cameras, so here are a few pictures.

Improv Workshop January 7, 2015

Our first Wed. night workshop of 2015 was well attended with 28 people including 6 who were there for the first time. We also had a few returnees whom we haven’t seen for quite a while.

Big classes are always fun, even though we don’t get as many games in. There’s a lot of energy, and you get the opportunity to work with different players.

Warm ups consisted of Character Intro, Whoosh/Bang/Pow, and One Word Story (divided into 2 groups).

I got to do my favorite Improv 101 talk (with the lovely vase of flowers), and then right into 5 Letter Word. Next was Entrances and Exits, followed by Irish Drinking Song, and we ended the night with Freeze Tag.

And yes, that is a Christmas Tree on the side of the stage.

Also, I need a better low light camera <<ooph!>>


Improv Show Review: January 3, 2015

Here are some notes from last Saturday’s improv show.

The players were (back row, left to right): Mike, Alan, Jasmin, Eric, Jonathan, (front row, left to right) Brian, Amy, Andrew.

Although we had a small audience (12 people), it was a good show. Some highlights:

Alan suddenly remembering that he was in a 5 Letter Word scene about half way through (thank you Amy for the phrase “I don’t remember what letter we’re on”).

Andrew and Mike duct taping a sandwich.

The taupe scenery in so many scenes.

Massage therapy can lead to very uncomfortable scenes.

Mayonnaise should not be used on lingerie.

Really creepy people live in those miniature golf buildings.

And Amy’s …. well, let’s leave it at that.