[Alan] I'm thinking that this is a place we can leave notes to each other about changes to this site, etc.

[Alan] I brought the blog over from the original site, but I couldn't figure out how to install the cool star trek image at the header of the blog. I couldn't transfer it over, so whomever built the placeholder page will need to reinstall that image.

[Alan] Currently installed but inactive are the About page and the Games page from the original site.

I started filling in the About page - Amy

[George] Amy, please use proper formatting.

[Alan] I transferred some of the old content to the about page, although I don't particularly like it anymore. It's mainly placeholder content to see what the formats look like.

[Alan] I added the info for our July show to the event page to see how it echoes through to the calendar. I like it!

[Alan] I like the Shows! and Courses pages. I moved the Events page to the unlinked section so we can add events that will show up on the calendar, but not on the menu

[Alan] The podcast URL is: https://sbimprov-sbimprov.squarespace.com/new-blog?format=rss