Improv Class 19 August 2009

Workshop 19 August 2009Bob, Brian, and Allegra are actively searching through the dump, which is their setting in this Counting Words scene. More photos in the album.

We began the night with warm ups that included our traditional 1 Word Story, then we moved on to our stage work. First was the Counting Words Scene. Then everyone did an Emotional List scene.

Our song for the night was the Irish Drinking Song and we finished with a 3 Line Drill.

Improv Class 12 August 2009

Workshop 8/12/09

No, I don’t require feats of physical prowess to participate in the Workshop. Here, Kathy has decided that “make a strong offer” in a 3-Line Drill wasn’t just a metaphor. You’ll find more photos from this night in our album.

After our warm ups, including the 1-Word Story, we did a 5-Letter Word scene as our first stage work. Next, everyone had a chance to work in a Stinky, Sexy, Silly scene.

We all sang an Irish Drinking Song, and then on to some advanced work. We started with a 3-Line Drill to get everyone prepared for open scene work. We did a couple of rounds of Montage to practice scene transitions and open scenes, and I must say that we need to practice more often.

My favorite line of the night:

Dad wants you to go home and have medication