Improv Class, 5 August 2009

Workshop 5 August 2009Here are Marley, Angela, Garret, Kathy, and Nancy from their Irish Drinking Song. We had several new players join us this night and you’ll find more photos in our album.

Our warm ups included the 1 Word Story, and our scene work began with ABCs. We moved on to Switch Dubbing and everyone had a chance to create their foreign film.

As pictured above, we all had a chance to sing the Irish Drinking Song. And after that, we ended the night with Entrances and Exits.

Improv Class, 29 July 2009

Workshop 29 July 2009

Allegra, Patrick, and Ben are in an Opera scene with Allegra translating. I like Ben’s high kick. There are more photos from the night in our album.

Our warm ups included Enemy Defender as well as the 1 Word Story. We started our scene work with the exercise Create Object to Speak. Then we did a set of Obsession scenes, which we’ve not done in quite awhile and needed to practice.

After the Irish Drinking Song we finished the night with Opera translation scenes.

My favorite (or at least the oddest) quote of the night:

You have peanuts all over this store.

Yeah, it gets lonely sometimes.

Improv Class, 15 July 2009

Improv Class 15 July 2009Despite appearances, I can assure you that Patrick did not eat Kathy while Mike watched. That’s about all I can be confident about, so for the rest of the night you’ll have to check out our album.

We started the night with warm ups including the 1 Word Story. Our stage work began with rounds of Mutant. We continued with Superhero and then 185. I’m glad we got a chance to work on 185, because it got better and better as the night went on.

After our sets of Irish Drinking Song, we moved on to Repeating Scene Changing Genre. We finished the night with rounds of Freeze Tag.