Improv Workshop 8 July 2009

Workshop 8 July 2009

A fantastic picture of Scott and one of our new players (okay, I admit that I don’t have her name anywhere) in a Pillars scene. That’s actually my foot on the lower left corner of the picture. The rest of the workshop can be seen in our album for the week.

The night started with warm-ups, including Physical Offers and 1 Word Story. Then, we moved on to a Create and Use Environment exercise.

We did a complete rotation of Pillars followed by the Irish Drinking Song.

We ended the night with the 3 Line Drill.

My favorite quote from the night (and a great safety tip)

You can’t walk on Mars with slippers.

Improv Workshop 1 July 2009

Workshop 1 July 2009

This picture is from an Animal Transform exercise with Allegra, Patrick, Ben, Roberta, and Guy. I believe they were transforming from their animals into their characters. You’ll find the rest of the pictures from this night in our album.

During our warm-ups, we did the Association Jump exercise for the first time in quite awhile. And we got in 1 Word Story.

For our scene work, we started with Class Photo. Then everyone got in a round of the Animal Transform exercise.

After the Irish Drinking Song, we finished our scene work with some Spoon River stories.

We ended the night with Freeze Tag, and since it was Roberta’s last night with us, we came to an unspoken agreement to keep her in just about every scene. We worked her!

My favorite line of the night

Hey ‘brain’, can you raise the dead?