Improv Workshop 24 June 2009

Workshop 24 June 2009

Ben, Brian, Guy, Katie, and Patrick are in a Panel of Experts scene, discussing Graphic Arts. I suppose it’s obvious that I brought hats for the night. The rest of the (record number of) photos can be found in our album.

Yes, we did our usual 1 Word Story as part of our warm ups, and then we did a Reason For Being Late exercise.

For our short form work, we did Transfer Emotions scenes and then Panel of Experts. Next came the Irish Drinking Song scenes.

We ended the night with Switch Dubbing.

For my favorite line of the night, I had trouble picking between these three (for various reasons):

I’m not yelling, I’m just telling you what to do.

You get fucked less in graphic arts.

My suspenders are the foundation of my being.

Improv Workshop 17 June 2009

Workshop 17 June 2009

Here are Justin and Lilia in an Alliteration scene. The rest of the photos from the night (and we’re back to our usual number) can be found in our album.

After our usual warm ups, including the 1 Word Story, we started with our Yes And … exercise. It’s good that we revisit this from time to time, because the intent is to practice both the Yes (which was great) as well as the And (which needs work).

We moved on to Alliteration which went well and was fun. And then came our usual Irish Drinking Song.

We ended the night with a new piece, One Act Tag. This went better than I expected, and I plan on coming back to this as a long form (multi-scene) practice structure.

My favorite line of the night (it still makes me chuckle):

Maybe you’re a foreigner, or maybe you’re just poor.

Improv Workshop 10 June 2009

Workshop 10 June 2009

Here we see Karla, Guy, Allegra, Ben, and Dana in their 1 Word Story group. This is one of only three pictures we have in our album from this class. For some reason not many pictures were taken.

We did the 1 Word Story at the end of our warm up work. We also did a complete set of It’s Tuesday exercises.

Counting Words was our first scene work, and then we moved on to Swedish Scenes. And of course everyone did the Irish Drinking Song.

We ended the night with 3 Line Drills.

Improv Workshop 27 May 2009

Workshop 27 May 2009

Ben, Tom, and Robert are pretty focued on Tom’s activity while in this Bus Stop scene. The album has more pictures from the night.

We began the night with warm-ups, including 1 Word Story. Then we started our scene work with 5 Letter Word. Next came a set of Rhyming Scenes.

We got in our standard Irish Drinking Song and ended with two Bus Stop scenes, which I think went very well.

My favorite quote of the night (not necessarily the funniest):

The life of this town gets lower and lower