Improv Class 22 April 2009

Improv Class 22 April 2009Guy, Allegra, and Kathy are in an ABC scene taking place in a recycling center. I choose this shot because it gives folks who are checking out the class a good sense of our size and setup. And you all look less intimidating from behind. Anywho, the rest of the pictures from the class can be found at the album.

We tried a new warm-up exercises in this class called Name Game. Of course we also got in the traditional 1 Word Story.

On stage, we started with Tag Out Story and then proceeded to ABCs. Then we worked on a new piece called Ratings Board. That one got better with each group.

Because the early scene work went long, we ended the night with the Irish Drinking Song.

My favorite line of the night came during one of the R rated scenes in Ratings Board:

Do you have no fucking morals?

Improv Class 8 April 2009

Rats! I forgot the camera for this class, so no pictures.

It was a fairly typical class, starting with warm-ups that included a Slap Clap Snap exercise as well as 1 Word Story. We did several rounds of Story Story, without the Die so that everyone could practice directed stories.

Next came Surprise Lines scenes, using left over suggestions from the April Improv Show. Then we all did Irish Drinking Songs with everyone belting out a tune.

We ended by working on Stimulus Response scenes.

Improv Class 25 March 2009

Improv Class 25 March 2009Tova, Lillia, and Li-At are acting out a scene from the movie being reviewed by Nancy and Patrick in the Movie Review game. Wow, there were a LOT of photos from this class. I narrowed them down to 149 (from over 400) in the this week’s album.

We bagan the class with our warm-up exercises including the ever present 1 Word Story. We then did a series of 5 Letter Word scenes.

We worked on the Blind Dubbing scene which was new to most folks in the class.  And then everyone participated in the Irish Drinking Song.

We ended with a series of Movie Review scenes.

My favorite line from the night (just because it’s the sort of line that could only happen in an improv scene) was

Wow! My nose spray is lost in space.