Improv Class 11 March 2009

Workshop 3/11/09How could I not choose this picture for the album cover? It’s a scene from the TV Clicker exercise with Nancy watching Brian perform some sort of a jumping rope maneuver. You can see the rest of the images from the workshop over at the album.

Once again our warm ups include the 1 Word Story exercise. Then we moved on to the TV Clicker exercise and got everyone into the two sets.

We tried something new with a 9 Lines exercise. I liked this exercise since it requires everyone to limit the chatter and focus on other aspects of the scene without turning it into a bad silent film parody.

Next was my favorite of the night – Hands Through (sometimes called Helping Hands). I must say, there were a lot of women with HUGE hands in these scenes (check out the pictures of Roberta with Andy’s hands poking through – Nancy was the “straight” person).

We worked a bit more on Madrigal, this time with Mark directing the scenes a little differently. This still needs some work, and I’m going to see if we can find a good video of it being performed.

We ended the night with 3 Line Drills.

My favorite line of the night came from Lisa (and I’m still not sure what it means):

That’s because you’re the hen and I’m the pecker.

Improv Class 4 March 2009

Workshop 3-4-09This shot is from one of the Irish Drinking Songs of the night, and shows Andy directing Paula, Manot, Alan, David, and Guy. I chose this shot because it shows everyone in a dynamic pose, it’s a good representation of a typical class, and it features some of the new players along with Andy directing. However, my FAVORITE picture from the night is at the end of the post. The rest of the pictures can be seen in the album.

After our usual warms ups including the 1 Word Story, we started our scene work with 5 Letter Word. Then we tried something new, First Line/Last Line. Everyone participated in that, and I think it went fairly well.

Next came the Irish Drinking Songs, and a complete set of Half Life scenes. We ended the night with Double Blind Line Freeze Tag.

And here’s the picture that cracked me up when I was editing the album:

Improv Class 25 February 2009

Workshop 2/25/09

Alright, if  you were at the workshop you KNOW why I picked this picture. If you’ve been coming regularly but just happened to miss that class, then NEWS FLASH. If you are checking out the blog to see if  this workshop is something you’re interested in, then I CANNOT guarantee that you will participate in this kind of scene, nor that this happens very often. I CAN say that this is from a 3-Line Drill, which is reserved for the more advanced members of the class, and that you can find more pictures from this workshop (with less lip lock) at our album.

After our more typical set of warm-up exercises (including 1 Word Story), we started our scene work with Step Word Scene. It starts with everyone giving a 1 word line, then everyone giving a 2 word line and so on to everyone giving a 5 word line. Then, all the players count down so that the scene ends with a set of 1 word lines.

We did some group work with the Blank Family scene. We saw the Stupendous Family, the Blind Family, the Mystic Family, and the Gorgeous Family.

We went back to the Irish Drinking Song this week, and then did a full rotation of 3 Line Drills. We had enough time to do 3 groups of Montage so that we could finally get back to some open scene work. We need to keep practicing this.

And my favorite line of the night came from Roberta:

Here, you can have the pussy