Improv Class 24 December 2008

Workshop 24 Dec. 2008

It seems like my ability to intimidate new players isn’t as successful as I’d like to think. Leslie and I are in a 5 Letter Word scene, along with Delois who isn’t in this picture. Considering the workshop is being held on Christmas eve, we still had a good sized class of 14 players. You’ll find the rest of the pictures from the night at the album.

Our warm-ups included Whoosh-Bang-Pow and 1 Word Story. The we started our scene work with a series of It’s Tuesday scenes. We moved on to 5 Letter Word scenes and then a set of Pillars.

About mid way through the night we sang some Irish Drinking Songs and then a couple of 185 exercises. And we finished the night with Freeze Tag.

Improv Class 17 December 2008

Workshop 12-17-08This shot is from a 1-Person Move exercise and shows Tom, Nancy, Guy, Brian, Lisa, Allegra, and Mark working on a common activity. We had 15 players during the night, and the rest of the pictures can be seen at the album.

We started the night with warm-ups that included the give-and-take exercise 1-Person Move, as well as our usual 1 Word Story. Then we were on to Counting Words followed by Two Describes Third.

A new game for us was Scene From Pose, where each player was separately put into a pose before the scene started. Some great work came out of that.

We moved on to Irish Drinking Song, and ended the evening with 3-Line Drills.

Improv Class 10 December 2008

Workshop 12-10-08I really like the characters in this picture. Nancy, Mark, and Jim each have a different body posture and energy. This is from a scene in a Montage. The rest of the pictures from this night can be found in the album.

This was another relatively small class with 14 players. After the warm-ups, we were able to get in Zelig, Sound Effects, Hidden Endowment, Irish Drinking Song, 3-Line Drill, and Montage. Most of these are performance pieces, and I want us to keep working on these. There were some good scenes, but we need more practice with some of these forms.

I’m particularly happy that we got in some Montage work. The open scenes and scene transitions are really helpful because they remove the crutch provided by the game rules in short form work.