Temporary Location for Improv Class

Picture of SBRCCThis week (27 August 2008) we will be in a new location. Our regular site is undergoing some renovation and isn’t available (but we will be back there next week).

We will be a few blocks away at the Training Room of the Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center, 433 E. Canon Perdido Street (you can click on the picture or the street address to get a Google map). It’s a nice space and there’s loads of off-street parking. The building is located near the intersection with Olive Road, and the parking lot is right across where Vine Ave dead ends into Canon Perdido (the entrance to the parking lot is shown in the photo). I’ll have signs posted up, but we will be downstair where the back door comes out onto the parking lot (far left in the photo).

I’ll see you all there!

Improv Class 20 August 2008

Workshop 20 August 2008We were in a new location this last week as our usual space was getting a face lift. Just a short flight up some stairs, we had more couches than folding chairs in use. And, as you can see in this picture, one of our 1-Word Story groups got a chance to work outside. More photos can be found in the album.

Our warm-ups included Character Intro, Whoosh-Bang-Pow, and 1-Word Story. Then we moved into Tag Out Story, and then 5 Letter Word. And with the large group this week (21 players), we did a few rotations of Family Gathering to work on some group pantomime skills.

We continued working on the 50’s Do-Wop Song this week. Andy again brought his guitar, which helped everyone stay on rhythm and pitch. It’s still a challenging piece, but I think folks are getting the swing of it.

We ended the night with Switch Dubbing, which gave everyone the chance to practice their … rusty (and often varying) accents.

Finally, I know we will not be in our usual location next week (it’s still being upgraded), and the temporary location from this week will NOT be available. I’ll post the new location once it has been finalized.

Improv Class 13 August 2008

Workshop 8-13-08Here’s a group shot with everyone doing the Mirror exercise. Also in this week’s class album, there are quite a few shots from the scenes using hats and costume props. The camera died early, but the pictures we did get are a lot of fun.

We had 24 people in class this week, and we started with the Mirror exercise along with 1-Word Story. I brought a couple of bins worth of hats and props, and out first exercise using them was Video Dating. Lots of great characters were created, and I really liked the times there were two character scenes. Nice work.

We got in a set of Standing Sitting Bending scenes before our next big challenge, which was a new song (or at least one we haven’t done in a very long time). For the 50’s Do Wop song, Andy was gracious enough to bring his guitar and keep us all on-beat and on-key. And I think everyone was excited to be working on a new song, even if the pattern is a bit more difficult. We did pretty well for the 5(!) rotations.

We ended the night with a Character Pass scene. It was another chance to use the hats and create bold characters. It was pretty challenging to be changing characters throughout the scene, but it was a lot of fun.

Improv Class 6 August 2008

Aug 8 ClassStanley stands victorious over his fellow improvisers after defeating them in a round of Story Story Die. There were 21 people who participated in this and a variety of other improv games. You can see them all in the photos collected in the album.

Story Story Die was the first bit of stage work we did after our usual warm-ups. We followed that with a series of ABC scenes.

The Irish Drinking Song came next, and everyone seemed to belt out particularly good songs that night.

We ended with a series of Typewriter scenes, an appropriately more difficult exercise to keep everyone on their toes.

Improv Class July 30, 2008

Improv Class July 30 2008This is a scene from a TV Clicker game in which Patrick, Mike, Alphonse, and Tom are all holding guns on each other. We had 20 people in class on this night, and it just happened that no one was brand new. All were returning players. You can see the rest of the pictures in the album.

After our Character Intros and 1-Word Story warm-ups, we did some Transprov and then History of an Object. We haven’t done History of an Object in quite awhile, and I think we all got a pretty good historical perspective on the egg-beater, the zipper, and lipstick.

Our scene work started with rounds of 5-Letter Word. But that was just a warm-up for the real challenge I had in mind for the night. Everyone participated in Speaks for Other scenes, sometime called A Speaks for B Speaks for C Speaks for A (which is why I prefer the shorter name). It’s a very difficult scene, with each player having to keep several characterizations active in their head. But I think everyone stood up to the challenge and performed it well.

The Irish Drinking Song was restful after that. And we ended the night with TV Clicker.