Improv Workshop August 8, 2007

Ah yes … the ladies. All of the women in class gathered for a round of the Irish Drinking song. Later, all the men (including myself) performed together in our own drinking song. No question, the women kicked our asses. They sang beautifully, in rhythm and formed wonderful rhymes. I’m not even sure that all the men were singing the same song … or at times whether we were in the same building. Sad.

You can find the rest of the pictures from this class are at our album. I didn’t have the usual camera, so the resolution is a bit different on these photos. Actually, I didn’t have a lot of the things I usually bring to class, like a lesson plan! So, we improvised the workshop, and in many ways it was one of the better classes (uh oh, this just encourages bad habits).

Also missing (I came to class directly from another appointment and was ill prepared) was my notebook, so I’m only working from my (very poor) memory – oh yeah, and the photos. I know we worked on a Repeating Scene, Changing Genre piece that was a lot of fun. Everyone did well with that one. We also had a gender based pair of Irish Drinking Songs. Did I emphasize how badly we (men) did?

The whole group did some 3-Line Drills and ended the night with quite a few rounds of Freeze Tag. As I mentioned before, this turned out to be quite a fun workshop.

Improv Workshop August 1, 2007

img_3006-1.JPGScott and Jim are the players in a Pillars scene, with Allegra and Andy as the word-providing pillars. More pictures from this scene as well as all the other pictures from this workshop can be found at the online album.

We had 18 people in class that night, and it started with the usual warm-ups, including a couple of rounds of 1-Word Story. After that, we started some scene work with a full rotation of Gift Giving. Next came Pillars as a rotation that everyone participated in, both as performers and as pillars. Then came Questions Only which we did in three groups.

At that point the pictures stopped, although I don’t know if it was because of low battery power or lack of memory chip space. In my notes I see that we did a set of Irish Drinking Songs next, and then a set of Soap Opera scenes. I particularly like Soap Opera and hope to get some pictures from that exercise in the future.

Thanks everyone, for a very fun class.

Making a Sandwhich

Okay, this is a very silly entry about a personal bias in my own scene work. I found this blog posting which has pictures of some rather creative sandwiches.

It doesn’t take many workshops to learn of my tendency to start a scene by miming the making of a sandwich. From now on, I will have these pictures in mind during those opening offers.

Now I need to find a site on digging holes.