Class June 27, 2007

img_1932.JPGAn Irish Drinking Song with an enthusiastic audience! Andy, Kathy, Ben, Jim, and Ben are singing for Justine and Susannah with Alan directing.

Hopefully, this will be the last Workshop report that is just a brief overview of the night. With this entry, I’m finally caught up on the backlog. Don’t forget to check out the album of pictures for the night.

We started with Counting Words scenes (well, the first scenes after our warm-ups). After that, we did something fairly new for us: 3-Headed Conversation. Six people play 2 characters, where each character consists of 3 people talking one word at a time (a la 3-Headed expert). It created some very interesting conversations.

We sang an Irish Drinking Song and then had a chance to try a set of Sound Effects scenes with random, prerecorded sounds. That went pretty well and helped me straighten out some problems from our last attempt.

We finished with a set of Entrances and Exits. There was a lot of great frenetic activity in those scenes.

And that brings us current on the workshop reports!

Class June 20, 2007

img_1584.JPGWe had 19 people in class this night, and it’s amusing to me that we consider that a small class. This picture shows Marika, Kathy, Dustin, and David in a Defining Environment scene. You can see Sol’s legs behind David.

Once again, for the sake of catching up on my backlog of workshop postings, I’m going to briefly summarize the games we did for the night. The pictures from the night are collected in an album that you can view.

After our warm-ups, we did a set of Define Environment scenes. I think everyone had a good time with those scenes, especially the one where Andy started off dancing on a stripper’s pole. Lots of tippers in that scene.

Next was Attitudes in which everyone did well, followed by our singing a Ho-Down. That also went well.

The advanced portion of the night saw our traditional 3-Line Drill, and once again we were able to fit in a Montage.

Thanks again for another fine night.

Class June 13, 2007

img_1473-1.JPGThis picture is from our warm-up, the 1-Word Story, with Mark, Adam, Sharon, Mike, and Tina. The pictures from this week’s class (which are in an album) are a bit different. There were very few large group photos, and a lot of individual shots.

I’ve gotten pretty far behind in the workshop reports, so I’m just going to recap the work that we did so that I can catch up.

The night’s work was pretty traditional. Our scene work started with a set of 5-Letter Word scenes and then moved on to Counting Words. We sang a set of Irish Drinking Songs. We practiced a set of 3-Line Drills and then we had the chance to work on open scenes with a Montage structure. I was pretty happy that we got to the Montage because the more experienced players have been needing to work on their open scene skills.

And that’s a brief review of the night.