Class July 26, 2006

Karla BenLook! A picture from the class! If only it were an actual picture from an actual scene. No, I have to admit that this was posed. Thanks to Ben and Karla for taking pity on me when, after the class had just ended, I once again realized I had no pictures. Damn.

Anyway, we had a fine class, with 12 folks making a bunch of improv goodness.

For the three line drill, my instruction was that the opening line had to be something that the player had actually said or heard in his or her life. We were to start with that bit of reality and see how the scene would open. VERY COOL! Some of the best scene starts occurred, with really powerful lines and strong reactions. And the wants that the players found were great choices. I’d say that I wanted to see every scene all the way through.

Group shotWe’ll try this exercise again sometime.

Oh, here’s another candid shot.

Puppet Improv

Okay, how the heck did I miss this?!?

Apparently, at ComicCon, the folks at the Jim Henson Company put on a performance called Jim Henson’s Puppet Improv. Here’s a clip from the show. After the introduction, they do a translation improv game. The sound isn’t great, but you get the idea. I was astounded at their ability to do a nice improv scene, do the puppeteering, and keep those characters physicalizing their reactions. Sweet!

The Correct Way to Improvise

Bill Arnet is an experienced improviser at I.O. Chicago (Improv Olympic) and wrote a short piece about various ways of approaching an improv scene, especially at the opening. It definitely got me thinking, and I plan on trying his “slice from typical life” opening this Wednesday during the last hour.

By the way, the heading for this entry is the name of his article, not a policy of the SBIW.