Class March 19, 2003

Well, although we were scheduled for Classroom B last Wednesday, we ended up in C (we traded with another group), and it was probably just as well. It keeps us further from the bookclub, and less likely to disturb them (they said both nights of our workshops were fine for them). And so, we have passed our probation and have reserved our place there at least through September! That’s right, we have a semi-permanent home at the Unitarian Society for now.

Although I took pictures Wednesday, there were only two which weren’t blurry, and both were of Jim, Mark, and Dave (those photogenic guys), and both were from the same game. I decided not to post them yet, but will start collecting these one-off pictures for a collection page. Despite our lack of photographic documentation, it was still a pretty fun night. We even got through a couple of one-acts. Okay, they weren’t the best of the genre, but it’s been awhile since we’ve even attempted a one-act, and it was nice to try and get through the form. Much like the song, this is something everyone will get better at with some practice.

Class March 12, 2003

Last Wednesday’s class was at our new location, the Unitarian Society. Although a bit small, and I don’t know that we’ve got the layout quite right yet, it will be nice if this can evolve into a regular location for us. Before I talk more about the last class, this next one (March 19th) will be at the Unitarian Society, but we will be in Classroom B. It’s closer to the main entrance area, and for those that came on Wednesday, you passed it just before going into the back. I’ll post signs again, but it will take fewer, since you will probably see us from the sidewalk.

The bookgroup in classroom A said we weren’t a problem, but that was when we were in Classroom C. Classroom B is right next to them, and so we’ll see what happens this time.

I posted some pictures from the class at the web site, but the quality is much lower than the original set. I suspect the camera, so I’ll go back to the original one, next time.

We had a good mix of pieces, warming up with Character Intro’s, then Pantomime Box, and One Word Story. We played 5 letter word, Standing-Sitting-Bending, Assigned Quirks, and 1st Line-Last Line. And the two Songs we did this week were great! We got a fair bit of long-form in also, with a 3 Line Drill, Montage, and even a bit of a One Act. A pretty good class, actually.

And welcome to Susan, who was new to our workshop, but clearly experienced with doing improv. Some good work, and she was the first one up for just about every piece! Also, welcome back to Chuck who we haven’t seen for about a year now. He’s still got game. Rounding out the group was Andy, Chris, David, Jim, Mark, and Mike.

New Location For The Class

Okay, some breaking news. We now have a site for this coming Wednesday (March 12), and perhaps a more permanent location. It’s at the Unitarian Church (1535 Santa Barbara Street), in classroom C. Their manager and I decided that we’d try it this week first to see if it works out. It’s a classroom for kids, and it’s in the back, so it’s not visible from the street and a little tricky to find. There’s another classroom that I would have preferred (classroom B), but a book group meets next door, and our concern was the noise we generate, and whether that would disturb them. And so the “trial” week.

Classroom C is reserved on the 19th, but is available after that, so we may be in another location for just next week. It may be that we are in a different classroom but on the same site. Again, we’ll see how this works, and decide whether we want to keep looking. I’ll be positing the address and directions to this classroom on the web site this weekend, but I wanted to post something here, as sson as I had it confirmed (I’ve got the key, gave them the check for this week, etc.).

I’m sorry we had to cancel on the 5th, but I’m glad we’ve got something this week. And, even better, it will be nice if it turns into a permanent site.

Class April 28, 2003

Two major points in this update. First, class last Wednesday was pretty good, despite an exercise that was tough. We warmed up with Character Intros, then Slap-Clap-Snap Association, and a One Word Story. We then did some good, basic exercises: Hitch-hiker, Mutant, and Gift Giving. The tough one was Scene in 2 locations. It’s a mind twist, but it’s an exercise that really challenges your ability to justify offers. We did a couple of Irish Drinking Songs. In the advanced part of the night, we got the chance to do some Long Form work, starting with a 3 line drill, then doing a Montage that was stopped after 3 lines to establish wants, and the scene continued until the end. That had some great work. There were 9 people in class class this week, but I didn’t bring the camera, so no pictures this time.

Okay, the big issue right now is our lack of a meeting location. The Louise Lowry Davis center is only available one week in March (the last week), and so far the Carrillo Rec Center and the Westside Community Center don’t have space available on Wednesday nights. I’m still checking out other sites, so be sure to check in for the latest updates on locations. I’m starting an email list just to let people know the plans as they are made.